a weekend in paradise - humphreys half moon inn

when i heard that my favorite band of all time, hanson, was going to be playing a show at humphreys concerts by the bay in san diego, i knew i had to make the trip down. after scoping the area for cool hotels, i decided to stay on site, at humphreys half moon inn. 

humphreys half moon in is a tropical paradise located on shelter island. when you walk in, you instantly feel like you have been transported to a tropical island!

upon checking in, you see the most beautiful lobby - there is a little area to purchase food + drinks (which was super helpful during my stay to feed my la croix addiction!) there is seating, and of course the front desk staff which were all incredibly helpful and friendly! 

before taking to explore the resort, i wanted to check out my room - and wow i was blown away. the room was spacious, clean and the view was of the actual concert stage!!! i literally screamed when i opened my balcony door!

after i calmed down from excitement over the beautiful room - i decided to explore the resort. located on the beautiful marina, there is SO much to do. on site - they have an amazing pool (with bar!), ponds with fish, PARROTS, tons of seating to relax and take in the views, palm trees galore! it truly was magical!

then, it was off to dinner i went - on site of course! i had a reservation at humphreys restaurant where i was excited to sit down and relax for my first solo meal in YEARS. humphreys serves authentic southern california cuisine - i got the rib eye which was absolutely incredible. and of course a glass of bubly.

after the meal - it was time to get ready for the concert. it was amazing to be right there on site. i was able to get ready in my room, and listen to the opening act from my balcony! truly an incredible experiance!

the concert was amazing, and it was awesome to stroll right back to my hotel room after! thank you so much to everyone at humphreys half moon inn for making my stay so memorable! xx


exploring SoCal in SEAVEES

ever since moving to LA four years ago, we have made it a point to constantly explore SoCal. one of our favorite spots to visit is redondo beach. i put on my favorite seavees sixty six sneaker in white  and we headed out for a day in redondo!

I love pairing these seavees with fun bold patterns and I know I will always feel confident when I #showupinseavees - not only because I love how they look, but I am so aligned with their mission. They are constantly giving back. From giving 1% of their revenue every year to environmental causes to sourcing materials to improve their environmental impact, they are committed to constantly decreasing their carbon footprint!

these seavees were so comfy as we walked around for hours! that is a sure win for me! =)


The high chair of my dreams!

Baby #2 is coming any day now, and the past few weeks have been the most exciting! I mean sitting hurts, standing hurts, everything kinda hurts, but the most fun part has been picking out all the essentials he’ll need! I have been on the hunt for the perfect high chair for my baby boy on the way and had a list of “non-negotiables” like: easy to take him in and out, functional and not a total eyesore. I almost gave up on my hunt, and then I found Lalo’s high chair (which I’ve actually had my eye on for a while!).

The Chair comes in 4 different stunning colors, I opted for Coconut/white. Lalo somehow designed a really, really good looking high chair that is extremely functional and hits everything on my list. Also, Poppy is kinda obsessed with it too… she feeds her dolls in it every day and says she’s practicing for her brother (my heart is melting)!

Why I think my baby boy will have the best seat in the house:

  1. Easy to take him in and out

    1. You don’t have to remove the tray to remove your baby! This is HUGE because all parents know how crazy mealtime can get… but also, I love how you can remove the tray and pull the high chair up to the table for family meals. You can also put the tray in the dishwasher if you ever need a deep clean, which I already know I’ll be doing!

  2. Functional

    1. The fact that The Chair is something my family can keep for 6+ years is a HUGE. The full kit (this is what I have) and 2-in-1 kit come with a set of shorter legs so you can turn the chair into a play chair once they outgrow the high chair phase. 

  3. Chic design

    1. The Chair’s smooth edges and beechwood legs are insanely gorgeous. It fits right in with our minimal aesthetic. 

Side note: leave it Lalo to also make kids’ tableware that is as aesthetically pleasing as their stunning high chair! Poppy won’t take the bibs off, but I’m SO excited to use these.

I can’t wait to be sitting around the table with my whole fam soon enough! Check out The Chair and for all my expecting mommas, you can easily add it to your registry on Babylist.



This Blogpost is sponsored by seavees.

I have been obsessed with SeaVees ever since I first discovered them when I moved to LA. So I was SO excited to get to partner with them for their SeaChange collection!

This collection is almost COMPLETELY recycled which is HUGE for the footwear industry.  The materials are also consciously sourced which is a major plus for me.

This particular collection is very exciting to me because they have partnered with SeaTrees and for every pair sold, they are regenerating ONE FOOT of kelp forest.

To say these babies are comfy would be an understatement. The recycled cotton lining feels like im walking on air! The recycled rubber outsole is super bouncy, and not to mention looks SO COOL!

The collection comes in three colorways for both men and women. Im wearing the natural colorway but you better believe I am going to go and order the others =)



Phoenix with Kids - A Travel Guide

After having Poppy, I have really worked on tailoring all of our little getaways to be as family and kid friendly as possible, while still being able to explore, and relax and HAVE FUN. Our last getaway was no different. We had the opportunity to visit Phoenix, Arizona over Thanksgiving weekend and we had the BEST TIME EVER.

We wanted to stay in the heart of Downtown, Phoenix and The Residence Inn, Phoenix Downtown was the PERFECT spot. We checked in, and the staff was BEYOND helpful. Getting in late night on Thanksgiving day meant that few places were open for dinner and they helped us find the perfect place to order some late night snacks and even shared their boiling water with me to make Poppy some plain noodles. Talk about hospitality!

The room was UH-MAZING.

It had a whole kitchen, full sized fridge (and freezer!). A dining area, a couch, two huge beds and an amazing bathroom. The whole thing was huge and felt like a cute studio apartment in NYC! The standout, though, was THE VIEW. The Phoenix skyline was breathtaking from the wall to wall window.

We loved rolling out of bed and grabbing some of the ::FREE:: breakfast each morning. From there we would hit up the cafe on the main floor which had a full Starbucks. THANK YOU COFFEE! There was also an amazing bar in the hotel called Little Rituals which had some incredible cocktails (and views!)

Once we grabbed coffee each morning, it was time to EXPLORE! Here is what we LOVED:


Children's Museum of Phoenix
Named one of the TOP 3 Children's museums in the nation, this was a MUST see for us. At 48,000 square feet, you can literally spend the entire day in here. There are 3 floors and 300 play experiences, WOW. We barely scraped the surface in here, but Poppy LOVED the grocery area, the cooking area, the ice cream stand, hot dog stand and flower garden.

ODYSEA Aquarium
Great for all ages, this aquarium offers entertaining, interactive and and education experiences. We were lucky enough to see the Mermaid exhibit where we saw mermaids swimming with the fish! Poppy also got to get her hair and makeup done, mermaid style and have a meet & greet with a mermaid. She was floored! We loved the Penguins and the touch pools. Also, you don't want to miss the bathrooms here on the main level, seriously, just trust me and check it out!

Butterfly Wonderland
Located right next to the aquarium is this incredible sight! Butterfly wonderland is the biggest butterfly conservatory in the country, with over 3000 butterflies! You can also experience koi feedings and face painting, which were Poppy's favorite!

Roosevelt Row
This walkable arts district in DTPX was one of the highlights of our trip. Boasting incredible murals, award winning galleries and exhibitions, amazing coffee, food and shopping, this is a MUST see. Every wall, alleyway, street etc is covered in beautiful murals. It is like an entire museum at your fingertips!

Phoenix Flea
We were SO excited that the Phoenix Flea was going on during our trip to Phoenix! It is an amazing market with handcrafted gifts, vintage clothing, art, food, crafts and so much more. This was located in the amazing Heritage Square which was also an incredible place to visit! Dating back to the 1800's this little area is a charming memory of Phoenix's past.


The Churchill
This place was GREAT for kids. It was comprised of 10 different small businesses, with lots of outdoor seating and games! It was chilly, but little heaters made the atmosphere super cozy. This was a great place to relax, and eat and let Poppy run around without judgement. Highly recommend!

Cartel Coffee Lab
We stopped here for some coffee and breakfast. The coffee was amazing and we got delicious chia puddings and pastries. Super laid back and quick. Perfect for families on the go!

The Duce
This place was our FAVORITE! You walk in, and there is a boxing ring inside! We got to watch some people spar, which was great (I love boxing!!) Then we walked to the outdoor area to order some delish food, which is all made in a 1968 streamline camper...umm GOALS! Again, a great atmosphere for Poppy to run around and the decor could not be cooler! This would be an amazing place to go have a drink at night, too. But we didn't get to do that! Next time!

Squid Ink Sushi
This amazing sushi place was right outside the hotel and across from the Christmas festivities and ice rink, which was awesome. The food was incredible, contemporary asian fusion. If you are looking for sushi, this is the spot, for sure!

Hash Kitchen
This brunch place was a little farther, on the way to the aquarium but SO worth it. They have a DJ spinning and a disco ball and a crazy bloody mary bar (Arizona's largest!). This place was hopping.

We were able to fit all this in in just a long weekend. Phoenix is just overflowing with culture, fun, excitement and so much more. We can not WAIT to go back and see more!