I remember back to school shopping when I was in high school, and I was always so disappointed when the latest trends didn't fit me right, or I couldn't find things that fit me at all.  One year, while my baby sister was napping, I stole her bedsheets and made a skirt (i thought this skirt was H O T) I cut a waistband off a pair of jeans and sewed it (poorly) on to the sheet and wore it to school.  It fell apart during the day and I had to wear my gym clothes from my gym locker for the rest of the day. That was the beginning and end of my designing career.  Until Designow came along.

Designow and I spent months working together bringing my vision to life.  I came in with a terrible sketch but big ideas.  We worked together picking fabrics, editing designs, altering fits until my overalls came to life.

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photos by ROON