i discovered FREEBIRD boots a few years ago back in Utah.  i walked into what i thought was a steve madden store and it turned out to be exclusively freebirds! i was freaking out running around like crazy obsessing over every pair.  i left with two pairs and a crazy obsession.  each pair is hand distressed and unique and truly one of a kind. 

romper ASOS

photos by ROON



as you know - after our little cruise in march i got the travel bug. bad. i just cant seem to understand what prevented me from seeing the world.  over memorial day weekend we decided to take a little mini trip.  we decided on boston - close enough for a weekend getaway and somewhere weve always wanted to check out.  we stayed at HOTEL NINE ZERO which was the cutest place EVER.  between FREE wine in the lobby and fruit infused water available at all times, this place was beyond rad.  we had floor to ceiling windows and the room was (almost) bigger than our NYC apartment. we had so much fun exploring all of boston - (i even shot my first sunrise). i dont think we missed a thing! 

we explored for three whole days. and it was glorious.  where should we go next? comment and give us some suggestions! 

photos by me
polaroids by ROON



your swagger, and your bearing. 
and the just right clothes your wearing. 
your short hair 
and your dungarees 
and your lace up boots.

i know you.

overalls STYLE MOI
croptop UNIF



tom & jerry

prehistoric vintage has done it again. this kids TOM & JERRY tank was pretty much my ultimate find. its perfectly fitted and has the best vintage graphic.  there is something so interesting to me about vintage clothing.  i always wonder who owned this piece before me? what was their life like? each piece tells such a unique story - i just love it so much! have you wandered over there yet? they update their shop ALL the time.  someone needs to scoop up this wool trench ASAP. <3

polaroids by ROON

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I LOVE FRIES. ok i love all food.  but i really like fries.  this french fry one piece from LOVE THIS SUNDAY is pretty epic.  they also have a matching hamburger one...so...basically you gotta check it out.

bathing suit LOVE THIS SUNDAY

polaroids by ROON


a little wednesday

even as a child she preferred night to day. had enjoyed sitting out in the yard after sunset under the star speckled sky listening to frogs and crickets. darkness soothed. it softened the sharp edges of the world, toned down the too harsh colors.  with coming of twilight the sky seemed to recede; the universe expanded. the night was bigger than the day, and in its realm, life seemed to have more possibilities.

clutch BAGGU (use code instaclutch for 40% off!)



cycle of becoming

the best teachers have showed me that things have to be done bit by bit.  nothing that means anything happens quickly.  we only think it does.  the motion of drawing back a bow and sending an arrow straight into a target only takes a split second, but it is a skill many years in the making.  So it is with life.  anyones life.  I may list things that might be described as my accomplishments but they are only shadows of the larger truth, fragments separated from the whole cycle of becoming.

overalls PISTOLA
shoes ADIDAS

photos by ROON