stand alone

it takes nothing to join the crowd. it takes everything to stand alone. 

i love finding new brands to obsess over.  it is really exciting to see so many new companies starting and creating and doing and realizing their dreams.  currently im obsessed with sunnies. when i found parkman sunglasses i was over the moon! not only are their glasses insanely good lookin' but they are all handmade, right here in the USA.  if you check out their instagram page, you can see videos of them carving the glasses out of wood. i mean, SERIOUSLY! how cool is that? in a world filled with outsourcing and cheap labor overseas, it is really refreshing to see these guys keeping it here in usa.

jumper FOREVER 21
top HM

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too poor for dior

they say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.  my struggle with this, though, is that the thing i love to do and thing i hope for everyday of my life is a constant heartbreak. you've heard it before, here on my blog, i am an actress.  i have been doing this for the last 15 years of  my life.  15 years of rejection.  everyday is a struggle and a disappointment.  people ask 'why do you put yourself through this? why do something that causes so much pain'? the answer is simple, the lows are so low, but the highs are so very high.  the feeling you get when you book a job is like nothing else in this world.  all your hard work paid off, even if just for a day.  i will take the lows if it means i can feel such happiness, even if just for a moment.  what do you hope for? what keeps you going everyday?

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ripped tights HOMEMADE


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paint splatter

paint splattered cobblestone sunset. waiting. walking. living. being. everyday a struggle but she keeps going because she has no other choice, no other options, but to walk on, beat on, hang on, trek on. endlessly until forever.

tom and bottom by ELSIE & FRED
shoes FOREVER 21

photos by ROON

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find your wild

suspenders are no longer a thing of the past.  they are not just for your grandpa to keep his pants from falling down and embarrassing you.  they are now totally trendy (even if they aren't truly functional).  i had been searching high and low for the perfect pair of suspenders that wouldnt fall off, or look too cheesy.  and then i found brooklyn suspenders. each pair is handmade and totally rad.  this pair has ruffles.  i mean does it get any better than that?


photos by ERIC MOONEY

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drawing way outside the lines

overthinking. over analyzing. separates the body from the mind. withering my intuition, missing opportunities; and i must feed my will to feel my moment. drawing way outside the lines.

how many times do we over analyze situations to the point where we miss opportunities? why are we always so afraid to just live? i need to heed my own advice on this topic, for sure, but i want you to practice drawing outside the lines, getting out of your comfort zone, no matter how small. i guarantee you will see a difference.

leggings ZARA TEREZ

photos by WES TARCA


i belong here

my heart hurts when i think of all the things i havent done. but then i take a step back and look around me and i am marveled by this city.  the buildings, the streets, the people, the dreams realized and the dreams forgotten. and i live here. i belong here. what more could i want?

top and bottom  MAISON DU SOIR
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photos by LAURA FUCHS


they see me rollin'

i am not very athletic, never have been.  i dont have much coordination and i can barely walk without falling. two years ago i got cast in a show and had to learn how to rollerskate.  (intrigued? watch clips here!!) needless to say, i was petrified but i practiced and practiced and finally became pretty decent.  its now one of my favorite hobbies.  i lace up my skates and skate for hours up and down the hudson river here in NYC.  people always look at me like...WHAT is she doing? apparently not many people rollerskate around new york. they see me rollin'. they just hatin'. 


photos by ROONCHILD