wren & glory

'i now see how owning our story 
and loving ourselves through the process i
s the bravest thing that we will ever do.'

bracelets WREN & GLORY

photos by ROON



my style is always evolving and growing. like i said in an earlier post, this new hair-do of mine is making me fall in love with more structured, classy looks.  I especially love anything with a collar. the tie on this top makes it perfectly classic.  you may be thinking, HOW is that shirt staying tucked in when she is climbing rooftops in NYC? (no? ok well i would think it!) this shirt from TUXE is actually BODYSUIT. so it always stays PERFECTLY tucked in.  They also just came out with this design in XXS so its perfect for petite girls like me! 


photos by TORY RUST


planet perlz

'i wanna see what destructed you.  your deepest darkest secrets.  what broke you down into pieces and what put you back together. IMPERFECTION is beauty.' thats what you see when you go to planet perlz online shop.  maybe that amazing honesty is what drew me to perla and her one of a kind tees - she takes pride in creating unique tees for those who want to stand out.  i paired this amazing coca cola upcycled halter top with some boyfriend jeans and these sick sunnies from THE COBRA SNAKE and walked around the city with roon and his polaroid.  

photos by ROON


bridge + burn

This chinatown street felt like a movie set.  it was just so cute. definitely the perfect place for a stroll in my fave dress from BRIDGE & BURN and my NILA ANTHONY bag! tory and i sat down in that cute restaurant and had some super spicy ginger ales, and then explored this little area of NYC.  Its so fun to find new places you have seen or explored.  its crazy to me that I have lived in NYC for almost 14 years and I still discover new places on this tiny island!

necklace REGAL ROSE

photos by TORY RUST


diba true

she dreams of running.
not running away but,
running to the 
full of love and adventure.


photos by JILL SHOMER