bettah in "leather"

there is this saying that is floating around tumblr -- it says something to the effect of ' i thought my life would change once i got a leather jacket, and i was right' - honestly ITS TRUE GUYS.  i have never really had a leather jacket, i had one hand me down bomber from a friend, but never the moto style leather jacket i always dreamed of.  then i spotted this baby from White Crow  and i have not taken it off since.  its soft perfect vegan leather and turns any outfit i wear into an ultimate bad-ass look.   you will be seeing this baby in A LOT of my fall posts. #sorrynotsorry #overwear #hashtagsdontevenworkonblogger #yolo. ok too far. 

shoes MAMUT

photos by JASON SIEGEL

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i have this problem where i decide on something i need and then i buy the first one i see, instead of waiting for the perfect one.  last fall i decided i needed to have a pair of chelsea boots. i bought a pair, then another, and another...all were ok, but none were the perfect one. they all were just kinda, eh. then i found these beauties from MAMUT - they are the perfect shape, COMFORTABLE and on a comfy platform. i love pairing them with a thick wool sock peeping out the top. 

boots MAMUT


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i hate cold weather. i pretty much hibernate the second fall comes.  winter? forget about it. i will hide and you won't see me til spring.  i am trying to think of ways to embrace this climate change that i dread all summer, so i made a fall wishlist of cozy pieces that could make me MAYBE stand fall. MAYBE.



i LOVE clothes. but i usually fall in love with a specific piece and 'overwear' it like crazy.  usually, i will splurge on an overwear piece.  recently it has been my UNIF twerk jeans.  anytime i get a styling piece sent to me to style and shoot, I'm like, this would look AMAZING with my twerk jeans! someone even commented on my instagram page and said 'wow you are really getting good use out of those jeans, huh?' and at first i was so mad! and then i was like, actually yeah i am. i spent a lot of money on them and i will wear them all i want! 

i love pairing them with dainty girly bralettes and crops, like this awesome one from i wear sin.  there is something about pairing baggy boyfriend jeans with a girly top that i just LOVE. ill be overwearing this combo all season. sorry bout it!

bralette IWEARSIN
jeans UNIF

photos by Aaron Cheeseman

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perfecting the art

perfecting the art of breaking but never falling apart.

every year i love my birthday. i love the attention and celebration and hullabaloo.  but this year was different.  i just wanted to break. im still trying to figure out who i am and what in the world i am doing here.  its quite a journey. i wish i could say i didnt fall apart daily.  but its who i am. and thats ok. someday i will figure it all out.

sneakers NIKE

photos by IMAGEFOLIO
makeup by LIZ FROIO

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The bags under my eyes are PRADA

we all have things we are self conscious about. most of the time, i think i have way more than anybody else. one thing ive always been really self conscious about are the HUGE bags under my eyes.  i have always had em.  i remember trying to cover them since i was a tween.  i have tried every cream, de-puffer, home remedy in the book, and they are here to stay.  i try to hide behind glasses and sunnies and anything else that will divert attention away from my under-eye area.  then one day i saw a meme on instagram and it said 'the bags under my eyes are designer' GENIUS.  fast forward a few weeks and i found the BEST t-shirt on Baby Girls Club it made me realize its time to embrace my flaws not hide from them.  i wear it proud, because in fact the bags under my eyes are prada. 

photos by STYLEFEEN

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camo club

every year i get so excited to see what the new fall trends are going to be. last year when the camo trend was making its 90's comeback, i was not impressed.  i remember my sister saying she wanted a camo jacket and i was like, eh i'm not on board this one.  fast forward to a month later, my closet consisted of camo wedge sneakers, camo skinnies, camo vests, camo tee's everything except the coveted camo jacket that now i NEEDED to have. not only was i now totally on board for the camo trend, i was basically obsessed.  i had searched far and wide and never did get that camo jacket i wanted so badly.  until now. i came across the most perfect, fitted (not too oversized), vintage camo jacket from lotus vintage.  i may be a year late, but i now own the perfect camo piece.


photos by ROON

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neon aeon

sometimes its just too hard to pick out an outfit.  that is why ive always been so partial to rompers and playsuits.  one piece and you're good to go.  lately ive been branching out to two piece co-ord sets.   they are like sassy rompers because you can show off your tummy (easier to pee in too).  i especially love ones with fun prints on them, like this oragami print set from Neon Aeon.  

two piece set NEON AEON


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