all the denim

denim on denim.  im obsessed. its definitely one of my go-to combos.  i paired these WHITE CROW overalls with a classic sleeveless denim button up.  the perfect little outfit to frolic around the city and hit up some rooftops, am i right?!


photos by JOHN ELLIS


the shore

i took my awesome PISTOLA DENIM skort to the jersey shore for a day of fun with my pals.  it was freezing, but we still had a blast.  my favorite part of the shore is, of course, the boardwalk food.  i had an amazing soft pretzel (my fave) and walked the boardwalk and enjoyed the beautiful ocean and beach!

photos by ROON


dream believer

happiness is beneficial for the body - but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind. 
.im a dream believer.

Also check out this fun video we made!



petals and peacocks

petals and peacocks is for the independent individual who knows what they want.
wears what they want and does what they want.

i try to live my life that way too. but it isnt easy.

in an industry where everyone tells you how you have to look, how you have to dress, it is so hard to stay true to your individuality.  i was talking with a friend about this topic and she said to me, 'if ive learned anything, be true to who you are and what you do. because this business doesnt give anything back to you.'  i have found i spent my entire life unhappy with my looks because I am trying so hard to be what everyone wants me to be, and i am straying from who i am.  i am trying to figure out that balance between what i want and what is helpful in this industry.  
i am no where near perfect, but i am trying!

shoes ADIDAS

photos by ALEX STONE


i wear sin

[i promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, 
you will eventually become it.]

it is bralette season! aka the BEST season! this strappy baby from I WEAR SIN is too cute. i like to throw a flannel on over it and leave it open. some cute necklaces don't hurt either (like this BOWSER pendant from soulbound NYC) i am trying to find something everyday to be happy about, and channel my thoughts into positivity.  i would say, bralettes make me happy, and so do warm spring days!  what about you?

bralette I WEAR SIN
watch BREDA




don't do it. 
unless it comes out of your soul like a rocket. 
unless being still would drive you to madness. 
dont do it. 
unless the sun inside you is burning.
 dont do it.

watch BREDA




it was christmas, 1989. i was praying everynight that santa would bring me a nintendo.  i wanted it SO BADLY.  it was all i could think about.  christmas morning came and went, and no nintendo.  i was devastated.  later that day, the nintendo appeared under the tree.  it was all a trick. i got the nintendo.  and thats when it all started.  i became so addicted to super mario, i played it everyday.  i beat super mario 1, 2, 3, lost levels. i couldn't stop.  i still can't.  super mario still is one of my favorite things to play.  i still have my nintendo, my gameboy, my super NES, my nintendo 64 and now my wii where i can play mario all the time.  so naturally when i came across SOULBOUND NYC - a JEWELRY line for gamers, i was FREAKING OUT. i met kelly at a RAW showcase where up and coming artists get to feature their work, i saw her stand and immediately bought a ring with a super mario head on it.  COULD IT GET ANY BETTER?! I now have 5 necklaces with ALL my favorite Super Mario characters on them. they are the perfect accessory for a crazed super mario fan like myself.  [in these photos i am wearing the 'it's a me' pendant (mario) and the 'dino steed' pendant (yoshi)]

bra UNIF

photos by ROON


a day in soho

soho is one of my favorite places in nyc.  you can walk around and never see the same things twice.  always new little places you've never noticed. food you've never tried, people you've never seen. it is a magical place.

photos by J.R. LEES