exploring SoCal in SEAVEES

ever since moving to LA four years ago, we have made it a point to constantly explore SoCal. one of our favorite spots to visit is redondo beach. i put on my favorite seavees sixty six sneaker in white  and we headed out for a day in redondo!

I love pairing these seavees with fun bold patterns and I know I will always feel confident when I #showupinseavees - not only because I love how they look, but I am so aligned with their mission. They are constantly giving back. From giving 1% of their revenue every year to environmental causes to sourcing materials to improve their environmental impact, they are committed to constantly decreasing their carbon footprint!

these seavees were so comfy as we walked around for hours! that is a sure win for me! =)


The high chair of my dreams!

Baby #2 is coming any day now, and the past few weeks have been the most exciting! I mean sitting hurts, standing hurts, everything kinda hurts, but the most fun part has been picking out all the essentials he’ll need! I have been on the hunt for the perfect high chair for my baby boy on the way and had a list of “non-negotiables” like: easy to take him in and out, functional and not a total eyesore. I almost gave up on my hunt, and then I found Lalo’s high chair (which I’ve actually had my eye on for a while!).

The Chair comes in 4 different stunning colors, I opted for Coconut/white. Lalo somehow designed a really, really good looking high chair that is extremely functional and hits everything on my list. Also, Poppy is kinda obsessed with it too… she feeds her dolls in it every day and says she’s practicing for her brother (my heart is melting)!

Why I think my baby boy will have the best seat in the house:

  1. Easy to take him in and out

    1. You don’t have to remove the tray to remove your baby! This is HUGE because all parents know how crazy mealtime can get… but also, I love how you can remove the tray and pull the high chair up to the table for family meals. You can also put the tray in the dishwasher if you ever need a deep clean, which I already know I’ll be doing!

  2. Functional

    1. The fact that The Chair is something my family can keep for 6+ years is a HUGE. The full kit (this is what I have) and 2-in-1 kit come with a set of shorter legs so you can turn the chair into a play chair once they outgrow the high chair phase. 

  3. Chic design

    1. The Chair’s smooth edges and beechwood legs are insanely gorgeous. It fits right in with our minimal aesthetic. 

Side note: leave it Lalo to also make kids’ tableware that is as aesthetically pleasing as their stunning high chair! Poppy won’t take the bibs off, but I’m SO excited to use these.

I can’t wait to be sitting around the table with my whole fam soon enough! Check out The Chair and for all my expecting mommas, you can easily add it to your registry on Babylist.