no diapers no problem

When I found out I was pregnant, one of the FIRST things I sought out was a diaper bag.  I was NOT going to be that person carrying a hideous multicolored plastic feeling awful diaper bag I had seen in the past.  I knew there had to be something that I would actually use BEFORE the baby came, that would not even look like a diaper bag.   My search halted at FAWN DESIGN.  They have these AMAZING bags that can be worn as backpacks or messenger bags, that look like totally normal everyday bags. I mean clearly, i wear mine ALL THE TIME and i have no diapers in there yet, just my day to day (Which it fits EVERYTHING!) I'm so excited to have found the perfect diaper bag that makes me still feel, NORMAL. (which is hard these days with a big huge belly!)  Stay tuned for another post where I'll pack my Fawn Design bag for the hospital, EEEK!

shoes ADIDAS
shades ZERO UV

photos by ROON


press pants

Its no surprise i am in love with the menswear trend.  I feel like i've been wearing this tuxedo shirt from AYR non stop.  It just goes with EVERYTHING and always looks sharp.  It was perfect to pair with my new trousers from PRESS and my loafers from BED STU.  the perfect triad of menswear perfection. 

top AYR
necklace VITALITY
shoes BED STU




Last week i got to go to GRAEY STUDIO and play in some of the most awesome unique pieces.  Last time i shot for them, was right before their grand opening, and clearly i was A LOT smaller ;) Storm and Monica pulled awesome looks for me, and Storm even made me a custom jumpsuit that I have been wearing for 4 days straight.  Checkout our shoot recap on their blog, here!

Red Dress ("Orphic Egg"): http://www.graeystudio.com/orphicegg/
Black and White T-shirt Dress ("Drive-In Movie"): http://www.graeystudio.com/drivein-movie/
Multicolor Lips T-shirt Dress ("Astral Projection"): http://www.graeystudio.com/astral-projection/



Walking around central park always feels like you're in another place, so far removed from NYC (until you smell the typical NYC smells of pee and sweat ya know)  I always love exploring there because i typically get lost and find places ive never seen before (like the little wooden pathway in the pics!!!)!  I wanted this shoot to feel a little like fall, I know it may not be fall yet - but this maxi from press is a great fall transition piece. And i loved how the Faryl Robin boots looked in the leaves and green of the park.  Put it all together with my fave bon look glasses (because lately im way too lazy for contacts) and my fave piece from BCP Jewelry.  It's funny, i love fall fashion but i hate the cold.  so i just wear it whenever.  If i sweat, I sweat. no sweat ;)

glasses BONLOOK

photos by ROON


all kinds of crazy

When I find something I like, I usually go all kinds of crazy and get it in every available color (ala me and my TUK nosebleed shoes which yes i just got a new pair thats coming soon to the blog ha!!) These overalls from ASOS, you may recognize, as I have them in shorts, too.  Of course when I saw them in pants form, I just NEEDED both! I paired them with my new corset creepers from TUK and some custom 90s inspired bracelets from BTCH.  Even though it was maybe a bit too hot to be wearing pants, these soft overalls roll up super nice and are light as a feather keepin me cool!

overalls ASOS

photos by INGRID