i have lived in new york city for 12 years. when you are from here, you never think anything bad will happen to you.  you think stories on the news are fictitious and you think you are invisible to it.  i lived through my college years in reckless abandon. luckily i managed to avoid anything harmful.  three years ago i lived through my first (and hopefully last) traumatizing nyc experience.  it changed me it made me cautious and scared and anxious and absolutely crazy.  while nothing can protect you from the world, there are things that can at least ease your mind.  i came across the company jemulet and their hamsa charms and fell in love.  

the hamsa hand is a traditional ward against the evil eye in many cultures.  the name literally means five for the five digits, presented to fend off malicious spirits and evil intentions. it is a symbol of protection, and wonderfully meaningful.  

the hamsa hand helps me to remember to be strong and aware of my surroundings and keeps me at peace. (it also looks damn cute).

bracelet JEMULET

photo by alexis conti



with stammering lips and insufficient sound i strive and struggle to deliver right the music of my nature.
when i got this timepiece tee from troojo clothing i immediately fell in love. sometimes i feel like time is not on my side.  i feel lost and overworked and sad that i see little to no results.  it is hard to remember that we have all the time in the world to continue to keep trying and pursuing our dreams.  i have to remember that there is nobility in the journey, not just in the success we do or do not achieve. time is on our side. keep going.

leather jacket HM
pants ASOS

photos by ROON


streetlevel bags

some girls are shoe girls, some are clothing girls and some are bag girls...i am...all of them. who am i kidding, all articles of clothing are created equal in my eyes. but i do love bags. when i stumbled upon streetlevel bags i almost died. my face literally looked like that emoji that has the heart eyes, you know what i am talking about! being an actor living in nyc means you need to carry around your entire life with you at all times; headshots, outfit changes, snacks, juice, a mini straightener, i mean, everything. so when i saw this delicious tote from streetlevel i just had to have it. it is so huge (without being overly heavy) and looks good with everything.  my other bags are getting severe owner envy because this is my new go to. 

pants HM
leather jacket HM
sweater UNIF

photos by ROONCHILD


artwear designs

artwear designs works with local artists across the us to serve as a platform for undiscovered artists to showcase their work.  each piece of clothing has an artists original work screen-printed to the front and their signature on the back.  it truly is WEARABLE art, and i just love their clothing.  they are currently working on an indiegogo campaign, check it out, and if ya dig it, donate to help them expand their awesome business,  provide fair wages for their employees and keep everything 100% american made!

jewelry ASOS



free people

one of my favorite brands of all time is free people. i was so lucky to be chosen back in february to do a shoot for them. and yesterday, i was invited to attend their press release for their new activewear line, fpmovement.  the event was at their showroom in nyc (which is pretty much heaven on earth) they had ballerinas, flying yogis, and surfer chicks all modeling the new line.  needless to say i wanted every single piece i saw. especially the ballet inspired tutus, cropped sweaters and legwarmers, my goodness. It is released in a few weeks, and i highly suggest you all check it out!