new york city

||new york city. it'll rob you and cheat you. it'll kick your ass and break your heart. but then it'll pick you up again, make you feel so totally alive and untouchable. it's the center of the world, it's the best place in the world, and once it's in your heart, it'll never leave you.||

i have been struggling lately with my career - a starving artist is quite possibly the hardest job in the world. the constant rejection. going from day to day not knowing when your next job will be. it is so far from the glamorous life people think i lead. and it is constantly breaking my heart, but in the end, i still love new york city. it is my home. always has been. when i leave it, i crave it. i can walk the streets for hours just admiring the absolute beauty that stands before me. there is no place else i could ever call home.



everyone has a favorite emoji.  mine happens to be the poop one.  i just think it is so cute and it can be used to convey almost anything.  not to mention, bathroom humor is just hilarious to me. when poprageous came out with their emoji pants collection i prayed they would have poop ones, and they did. a week later, they were mine. ( i have no control - shit happens )

sunnies HM

photos by Tommy Gruffi


tutus are always the answer

i have a habit of obsessing over an article of clothing and it invades my mind until i finally just buy it. and then usually it sits in my closet because i either 1. have no event to wear it to, or 2. im too scared to ruin it.  this is exactly what happened when i saw the UNIF chloe dress back in october. i cried and i stared it for days and days and then finally i bit the bullet and bought it.  7 months later it was still in my closet, unworn, because when do you properly wear an all white tutu dress? easter. easter was my big reveal for the tutu dress, because tutus are always the answer.

dress UNIF

photos by ashley unicorn



my style lately can pretty much be summed up as boyish thug grunge chic.  (i just invented that on fly...i think it has a nice ring to it)  i am loving worn in, wrecked, destroyed tops and of course combat boots.  i think we all have been lusting over certain $200 t-shirts that look like they have been worn to shreds, literally, but who has that kind of money laying around for a t-shirt? not me. so when i came across braainwaashed  i about died!  they are two twin brothers who sell one of a kind vintage and hand destroyed clothing.  needless to say, i am now obsessed and stalking their etsy page for new arrivals...100 times a day.

guns and roses tee BRAAINWAASHED

photos by ashley unicorn


life clothing co

once the temperature climbs above 50 degrees my spring/summer staple makes its first appearance. the muscle tee. goes with everything, looks good with everything. and looks totally bad ass. when life clothing co sent me this top they had made for urban outfitters, i knew it would be my new go-to!

leggings BLACK MILK

photos by roon



If there is one thing I LOVE, it is people getting out there and DOING what they love and reaching their dreams. I am all about supporting local brands. One brand that I have come across is SANK APPAREL. SANK incorporates expression and uniqueness that is missed in the eyes of most. They pride themselves on being individualists that use all original works of art by local artists and friends, and I just love that.  Check out this rad cat skull tank I got from them (cool fact, the name SANK was created by combining the co-creators cats names!)

tank: SANK apparel 

leggings: black milk clothing  

shoes: dr. martens