a weekend in paradise - humphreys half moon inn

when i heard that my favorite band of all time, hanson, was going to be playing a show at humphreys concerts by the bay in san diego, i knew i had to make the trip down. after scoping the area for cool hotels, i decided to stay on site, at humphreys half moon inn. 

humphreys half moon in is a tropical paradise located on shelter island. when you walk in, you instantly feel like you have been transported to a tropical island!

upon checking in, you see the most beautiful lobby - there is a little area to purchase food + drinks (which was super helpful during my stay to feed my la croix addiction!) there is seating, and of course the front desk staff which were all incredibly helpful and friendly! 

before taking to explore the resort, i wanted to check out my room - and wow i was blown away. the room was spacious, clean and the view was of the actual concert stage!!! i literally screamed when i opened my balcony door!

after i calmed down from excitement over the beautiful room - i decided to explore the resort. located on the beautiful marina, there is SO much to do. on site - they have an amazing pool (with bar!), ponds with fish, PARROTS, tons of seating to relax and take in the views, palm trees galore! it truly was magical!

then, it was off to dinner i went - on site of course! i had a reservation at humphreys restaurant where i was excited to sit down and relax for my first solo meal in YEARS. humphreys serves authentic southern california cuisine - i got the rib eye which was absolutely incredible. and of course a glass of bubly.

after the meal - it was time to get ready for the concert. it was amazing to be right there on site. i was able to get ready in my room, and listen to the opening act from my balcony! truly an incredible experiance!

the concert was amazing, and it was awesome to stroll right back to my hotel room after! thank you so much to everyone at humphreys half moon inn for making my stay so memorable! xx