my baby must haves

You may remember when I was pregnant i made a list of my baby must haves.  Now that I have had Poppy, my list has surely changed and expanded.  Before she was here, I had no idea what I was getting into.  I am still learning everyday but here is a little peek into some things we can NOT live without!

1. BUMBLERIDE Stroller: Can you be in love with a stroller? Because I think I am.  The bumbleride is AWESOME.  Poppy LOVES it.  Like I said in my earlier post, I wanted a stroller that would last from infancy to toddlerhood and this is IT.  We still use it on the farthest recline, so Poppy is laying basically flat.  It opens and closes with one movement, which is SO helpful and easy.  Its SO easy to navigate and push and Poppy loves peeking back at me through the opening!  I also love that the top canopy completely covers the stroller so we can go for walks around NYC when its windy or cold and she stays nice and snuggly!

2. DOONA Car seat/Stroller:  NYC is tough.  We don't have cars here - so it was essential we found a carseat that was practical for us.  The Doona is a carseat.  It is also a stroller. The wheels pop out and it instantly becomes a stroller!  This is what we used to take Poppy home from the hospital. We LOVE the Doona because we take it around and can easily put it in a cab or uber!  Its SO easy for me to secure it in the cabs, too! It doesn't need a base - so its crazy easy! The DOONA has literally saved us!!

3. DockATot:  The DockATot is so worth the hype! This little magical baby pod is PERFECT for naps and cuddles.  The entire thing is breathable so its totally safe.  It helps Poppy nap longer and sleep better.  She also loves to hangout in it and play with her toys in it!

4. 4Moms mamaRoo:  The 4moms mamaRoo infant seat extraordinaire bounces up and down and sways from side to side, just like we do when we hold Poppy.  I hold Poppy ALL day, and while that is awesome for my arms, it's also SUPER tiring.  I have become a stealth ninja and I can quickly transfer her from my arms into the mamaRoo and she barely notices the difference!  The Toys on it are also super stimulating for her to look at!

5. Owlet Baby Monitor: Poppy has been sleeping through the night for sometime now, however I spent the first 2 months WIDE awake staring at her belly making sure it was going up and down.  My friend told me about the OWLET Baby monitor and I sure wish I knew about it earlier! This little sock goes on your baby when they get put down for sleep - naps etc and it tracks their heart-rate and oxygen levels.  It is designed to notify you if their heart-rate drops or oxygen drops outside of the preset zone.   It is a little pricey, but I am telling you, IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY.

6. Wildbird Ring Sling: I was always so obsessed with the idea of baby wearing.  Once Poppy arrived I found myself fiddling with every sort of wrap I could find - only to get frustrated because of how hard they were to maneuver.  A few friends recommended I try out a RING SLING.  I found these AMAZING slings from Wildbird and WOW - EASY EASY.  Its literally one piece of fabric that makes a little seat for the baby's tushy and voila, they're in in ONE step.  Another thing I wish I had when she was newborn, for sure.

7. Rags to Raches: THE MOST COMFY ROMPERS EVER.  Super convenient because you don't have to worry about snaps and buttons galore, these stretchy masterpieces slide right off the baby. Im anxiously awaiting them to be made in my size. (hint hint)
8. Lalabu Soothe Shirt: This was one thing I was SO excited to try when Poppy was born.  I knew I wanted to babywear, but I didn't realize how hard it was going to be.  Poppy was born pretty big - and she was so heavy for me to carry, so wraps and structured carriers were too difficult for me to get her into on my own.  The lalabu shirt was SO easy for me to get Poppy into and she loved being close to me.  The only downside is that Poppy couldn't fit in it for as long as I would have hoped! (The Lalabu fits babies up to 15lbs, and Poppy is a chunk!) This is a must have for newborn babies!

9. Nose Frida:  Whoever would have thought that sucking snot out of your baby's nose would be SO SATISFYING?! The Nose Frida is a little tube you put on babys nose and then there is a tiny hose that goes in your mouth and then you suck. YEP.  That's it. Seriously you have to try this.  I AM OBSESSED. Total game changer.

10. Lorena Canals Washable Rugs: Living in NYC our apartment is wall to wall hardwood floors.  I never knew how badly I would wish for plush fluffy carpets until I had Poppy!  With our Lorena Canals ruh, we instantly have a soft surface to play on.  Without it, we would be sitting on the bed all day! These rugs are SO fluffy and so cute.  And best of all, machine washable!! Pop it in the wash and it is as good as new.  Seriously, SO convenient.  I have a pink one, but they have SO many different shapes, designs, sizes etc perfect for any nursery or home.

So that's my little list of my top 10 must haves - there are so many more things I want to add - but I wanted to keep it to my top 10 FAVES.  Now that Poppy is getting bigger, I would love to hear what you guys love for 3-6 months that I TOTALLY need.  Leave a comment below with your tips!