an ordinary gentleman

there is something so interesting about pairing masculine and feminine vibes together.  when i got these trousers from bella luxx i knew i had to shoot them with my new chanel bag and pink hair.  the appeal of looking like a gentleman is pretty much my go to look these days - i love the contrast of girly pink hair with the masculine attire.  what are your favorite menswear brands? im looking to find new brands to help evolve this style into my wardrobe!

trousers BELLA LUXX
top HM
loafers FOREVER 21

photos by ROON

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pretty attitude

if i could layer on every faux fur jacket in the world, i would. there is something so perfect about huge faux fur jackets, vests, everything.  they go with everything - and make everything look chic. on top of it, they are actually warm, which is major here in NYC right now.  this beauty from pretty attitude is the perfect little number to throw on and turn heads.

shoes UNIF
necklace STAY GOLD


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me and rachel had SUCH a blast at our little event with DEPOP market at hotel chantelle last week! we got to play, dance, drink shop and take tons of polaroids! if you missed it, check out our shops on the DEPOP app (its just like scrolling through your instagram feed, but you can BUY what you see!) and if you happen to be in LA -- check out FERAL CREATURE's shop my closet sale at Space15Twenty.  Me and Rachel will have stuff from our closets there, too! so you can shop all of our pieces in one stop! (make sure and send pics if you go -- since I wont be there! flyer is below with all the DEETS!)

polaroids by ROON


good hair day

so, as you know i had my little depop event with the beauty I HATE BLONDE and of course for the event i had to get my hairs did all pretty by the best of the best, corrinn at arrojo.  my bangs had grown like WEEDS since the last time she cut them and lets be real, i needed a wash.

she started out washing my crazy hair and then gave me the best blowout ever as always.  the best part is, she really gives you the lowdown as she goes, teaching me how to achieve such rad results on my own at home.  ARROJO actually offers blowdry LESSONS.  yes, you can book time and actually LEARN yourself how to achieve the ultimate blowout.  Book yours here.

after the blowout, she cut my bangs back to the perfect length and shape.  i mean she really is a GENIUS.  she cuts them in a way that is impossible for me to mess them up while styling.  any way they fall, they look PERFECT. 

Final hair for the event! Photo by ROON


minty jungle

i was talking with a friend today about new york. and our complete love for it. and she said, its so funny, we go anywhere else thats cold and we complain and complain about how its so cold but in new york city, it can be freezing cold but somehow it doesnt matter and you still walk instead of taking the subway and you still admire the buildings and the people and everything is ok because you are in the greatest city in the world.  (sidenote: it was 19 degrees when we shot this.)

necklace STAY GOLD
jeans UNIF


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bella luxx

all doubt, despair and fear become insignificant once the intention of life becomes love.

sometimes you live your life with laser like focus, thinking that this one thing will be the only thing that makes you happy and fulfilled. you work and work towards this goal, pushing everything else to the side, saying, well when i succeed, i can travel. when i succeed i can take a day off. when i succeed i can LIVE.  but what about all the wasted time not living? what about all the time spent not focusing on truly having a meaningful life. life is short, focus on what matters and what kind of life you will be proud to look back on. focus on making memories that will last. experiences that will nourish your soul. love that will make you feel alive for the first time. make the intention of your life love.

photos by ROON

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