travel bug

i have always lived my life as if one thing and one thing only was important. my 'career', if you can even call it that.  i would book plane tickets and then get an audition and cancel the trip. everything came second to the slight chance that this next audition would be my big break.  30 years later, what do i have to show for it? besides insane perseverance, almost nothing.  i have never seen the world, i have put my priorities in the strangest order and i am now learning that i cannot control what happens to me in my career, but i can control how i live my life and feel fulfilled.  we took a trip to some southern Caribbean islands and it was incredible. i saw so many places and had so many experiences i never would have otherwise sitting home scared to miss a phone call.  sometimes you just have to live your life and hope that everything falls into place the way its supposed to.

shoes ADIDAS
shorts ZARA

photos by ROON

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you are my candy girl

i really love candy. like really. when jill asked me to meet her at this candy store, i about died! i had never heard of it (somehow) and now i am addicted.  we all left with bags of candy and tummy aches! i would say it was a success. 

jacket UNIF

photos by JILL SHOMER



why have i always found the villain strangely compelling? and when basic nature manifests itself time after time, when am i going to get that my convoluted emotional evolution is constantly repetitive - and that sometimes when the green light is given, you've got to make a right turn or youre going to follow the same pattern forever. an unfixable glitch in your own system. 

jacket LULUS
body chain STAY GOLD
jeans UNIF


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always evolving

this was the apartment we spent the last 2+ years in. after emptying out the entire space, it was amazing to see how it had changed. kind of like us, always changing, always evolving.  whether we want to or not. its part of life. closing one chapter and starting the next.

shoes ADIDAS

photos by LAURA FUCHS

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fleur du mal

you are my dream. my wish. my heart.
time seemed to stand still, watching you. feeling like we were a part of another world, an alternate universe. one where nothing makes sense yet everything was crystal clear.
you are my dream. my wish. my heart.

lingerie FLEUR DU MAL

photos by ROON

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my mind

because time without you did things to my mind.
you tell me that you're hopeless, you want your life less than your death. but if you jumped into a pool right now i know youd hold your breath. your hope's just hard to find. if i showed you all you can become, i know youd change your mind. you may have hit rock bottom, but its the perfect place to start. you have to almost lose it, to remember what youve had.

watch  BREDA

photos by ASHA EFIA

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