OSO Sleep

sleep is SO important, am i right? so why not sleep on the most COMFY mattress ever?!  i found OSO sleep and have been sleeping like a baby ever since.  not only is is SO SOFT to the touch (covered with a dark grey knit that makes you forget you even need a topsheet) but its also customizable.  whether you want a firm mattress (me!) or a soft one, this baby has got you covered. 

if you are looking to completely transform how you sleep, look no further. and even better, they offer a 101 night free trial. THATS how sure they are you will love it!

mattress by OSOSLEEP

photos by ROON


city streets

i feel like with my new 'short' hair. all i want to wear are smart collared shirts and bell bottoms and look like i am straight out of a 70s film. (why i associate this hair with 70s, i dont know!) isnt it funny how as your look changes, your tastes change too?  fashion is such a funny thing. 

shoes TUK
watch BREDA


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penny loves kenny

Penny loves Kenny is known for helping girls stand out 
and create a unique expression of themselves along with inspiring others.  
Also, the bags are ALL vegan leather.  
So you can look cute and also not harm anything cute.
win win.




we hiked up a mountain and then back down again.  
we found so many secluded little nooks - 
draped in lace, it seemed just right.

dress BOOHOO
sunnies FREYRS

photos by ROON

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the last warm one

the day before this shoot, i was in a cab and the 5 day weather forecast popped up, it said this day was gonna be THE LAST WARM ONE, it said it in big bold letters and my eyes just opened wide and i thought to myself, where in the world did summer go.  time really does fly, and it's so scary to think about.  you are never guaranteed tomorrow, the only thing we know for sure is the NOW.  i know i have to work harder on living in the moment and appreciating the beauty in the now.  time is such an easy thing to take for granted and i never want to look back wondering about all the things i could have done, but didn't.  

dress CHASER


typical fall

typically my fall uniform includes black jeans, a flannel and boots and as many other layers i can find to add to that.  but this skirt from shop wantlist made me embrace the change in the seasons and my wardrobe!  paired with black tights ( i love the heat tech ones from uniqlo ) and some rad boots from goodwin smith, it was the perfect little fall outfit, no extra layers required!  to top it all off, the most perfect hat from yestadt millinery, which stays PERFECTLY put on my head with its awesome strap!