layering in showpo

what is it about oversized everything that is just SO appealing? i love the feeling of oversized coats draping off of me and i love that you can layer 100 things under them. (especially here in nyc where it is just always FREEZING right now!) this denim baby from SHOWPO is ultimate. its the perfect layering piece for winter and will continue to be a staple through spring, for sure. what is your favorite layering piece? share pix! xxx

backpack FOREVER 21

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kimono game strong

i love kimonos. (this one from KEROL D. is tops!!!) i wish i could wear them over EVERYTHING.  i will admit i have a hard time styling them, and tend to always throw them over a simple bodysuit or onesie.  (don't get me wrong they look awesome this way) but i want to try and expand my kimono game.  how do you style them? leave me some tips and help a sista out!  

kimono KEROLD
body chain STAY GOLD


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i love christmas.  it is my favorite holiday.  who doesnt love presents?! these are some things at the top of my christmas list this year.  what are you hoping to get?!


stay gold

and i always say my name like its a question - and i wonder if that means anything.  i am still floating through everything like im just one big ball of helium and my eyelids are the heaviest part of me.  i think i used to live and speak more clearly out the window than to fellow humans but its not really speaking when its all inside your head - is it?

jewelry STAY GOLD
bra UNIF


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hair hair hair

ok, you guys all know my weave. its a HUGE part of me. literally. im rarely spotted without it.  my hair just doesnt grow. its kinda stuck at an awkward thin style that just doesnt work.  a few weeks ago i was browsing instagram for hair-spiration, as always, and i came across a stylist at ARROJO NYC, Corrinn, and her instagram was filled with amazing cuts/styles that i could only dream of having.  i immediately reached out to her and we set up a meeting.  she is the cutest little thing, with the BEST hair, so i knew i would be in good hands.  we decided to embark on a hair-journey together and im stoked to have you guys follow it with us!  my ultimate goal: to feel confident without my weave, and be able to grow a head of hair i feel good about.

today Corrinn, un-judgingly, listened to my hair styling routine (or lack thereof). She then washed my sad blonde locks with an AWESOME color safe shampoo "color save" and then gave me a whipped conditioning treatment that LITERALLY looks like whipped cream - like the bottle could easily be mistaken for yummy goddess. (speaking of this whipped creation - today only you can get a FREE whipped treatment with any purchase of $60 or more in the online store- JUMP ON THAT!)

after that, she taught me how to dry my bangs without looking like a peacock, AND how to make my hair PERFECTLY wavy without a curling iron or flatiron.  i dont know if i am ready to share that secret quite yet. because honestly im crazy impressed.  she then saw the disastrous state my bangs were in she ever-so-kindly saved the day and gave me the most perfect fringe.

i know i do not have to tell you how important hair-confidence is. you all know that.  im so excited to have found someone who understands my absolutely insane - neurotic - delusional hair state and is willing to help me thorough it. 

Before -- wearing my trusty weave.


hair style/cut CORRINN at ARROJONYC
all products ARROJO


99 cents

we were fascinated with the unconventional. and she was always on the outlook for that twinkling piece of inspiration. until you moved into her and became her full-time muse and breathing and beating apparatus.  i want ot be stenciled into your cells.  can i be your nuclei? myself in hieroglyphs - dance with the pictorial parts - leave the text until later. as the backdrop darkens allowing the stars to perform.

kimono OOTO
shoes TUK 
pants UNIF

photos by WES TARCA

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you guys know how i am obsessed with finding new brands who have innovative ideas and stories that make me fall in love.  check out WOODKEEPS - they are a company that makes the most precious wooden necklaces out of cutoffs from their furniture production.  so literally NOTHING goes to waste.  they carved me the most beautiful new york piece and i havent taken it off since! they make way more than just jewelry too - so be sure to check them out for holiday gifts!

necklace WOODKEEPS
jeans UNIF


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