The bags under my eyes are PRADA

we all have things we are self conscious about. most of the time, i think i have way more than anybody else. one thing ive always been really self conscious about are the HUGE bags under my eyes.  i have always had em.  i remember trying to cover them since i was a tween.  i have tried every cream, de-puffer, home remedy in the book, and they are here to stay.  i try to hide behind glasses and sunnies and anything else that will divert attention away from my under-eye area.  then one day i saw a meme on instagram and it said 'the bags under my eyes are designer' GENIUS.  fast forward a few weeks and i found the BEST t-shirt on Baby Girls Club it made me realize its time to embrace my flaws not hide from them.  i wear it proud, because in fact the bags under my eyes are prada. 

photos by STYLEFEEN

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