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the only good thing about Fall is wearing ripped jeans without sweating through them, and oversized denim jackets.  I can live with weather dipping into the 60s for these reasons, but please do not drop below that.  i can't handle another winter like last!  It is like clockwork, every winter, about January/February i get SUPER sick, and i stay sick until spring.  EVERY YEAR. anyone else hate the cold as much as me? how do you push through it? help me!

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My list (so far) of Baby MUST-HAVES

My list (so far) of Baby MUST-HAVES

I know I am still a short month away from popping out this baby, BUT I have had 8 long months to research and obsess over EVERY baby item there is.  This is my short list so far of things I consider MUST HAVES for you & your baby.

1. Lalabu Soothe Shirt: this bad boy is a nursing top/bra and baby carrier ALL IN ONE. I bought a few nursing bras and let me tell you, they're already lost in my clothing drawer abyss.  I will likely never see them again.  But this one, its also a baby carrier, so it makes you feel more responsible. It will never get lost, guarantee.  Also, its pretty damn cute.  I got it in black and im super excited to wear it (and my baby).

2. ASOS Maternity: When I first got pregnant I was like, ok NO maternity clothes for me. I will make it work. I won't dress frumpy.  The more I searched and searched for maternity clothing, the more i realized i hated it.  Until i discovered ASOS had a whole maternity section, which is basically just their amazing clothing but with some extra belly room.  SCORE.

3. FINN + EMMA: I remember having no idea what a swaddle was, but I KNEW i needed one, or 5, or however many you need.  I got an awesome set from Finn + Emma and theyre SUPER cute, soft, bright, comfy.  I may have also got a ton of clothes for the baby there too, because, WHY NOT? They had baby HAREM PANTS yall!

4. BUMBLERIDE Stroller:  Ok, probably the most stressful thing about getting ready for your baby to arrive (aside from googling what ACTUALLY happens during birth, and watching yourself magically grow like a balloon) is trying to figure out what in the world to make of all these stroller options!! I must have researched for MONTHS, and was so overwhelmed and terrified.  I wanted a stroller that could take us from infancy to toddler-hood without 1000 different add-ons and adapters and gadgets and gizmos.  The bumbleride INDIE is what we landed on.   This baby will hold your infant without any special add ons, or click ins, and you can have it FOREVS. Other bonus, IT IS LIGHT.  It weighs in at 20lbs, and that's about all I can probably lift anyway.

5. DOONA Car seat/Stroller: Ok, this may be my proudest find of all.  Living in NYC I was having severe anxiety over the car seat issue.  After all, the hospital says we have to leave with one, but here in NYC, WHO HAS A CAR!? so WHY do we need a carseat!? I was panicking about having to lug a car seat and a stroller around any time I wanted to take a cab to the store, or the doctor.  Then the heavens opened and out came the DOONA.  This is a car seat WITH WHEELS. Yes, the wheels pop down, and it goes from a car seat to a stroller in literally 3 seconds.  Not only that, this baby is SAFE.  SUPER SAFE, and..get this...DOESNT NEED A BASE (it does come with one though if you do have a car!)  Anyone that live in a big city where they don't have a car, this will be your saving grace.  I am serious.  The stroller google search god did me well when I stumbled across this baby.

6. DockATot: When I found out I was pregnant, of course at first I was having daydreams of all these epic cuddle sessions I was going to have with my soft new baby rolling around in fluffy blankets and smelling her newborn skin.  Then I was hit with the sad truth that you in fact are NOT supposed to sleep and/or nap with your baby because you could yes SMUSH THEM.  I mean, not on purpose but...smush them nonetheless.  I came across DockATot when looking for an alternative, and its pretty damn perfect.  Its like a soft comfy pillow that the baby lays in (wherever you want!! but I know Ill have this in the bed with me) and you can snuggle the baby without chance of rolling on them.

7. 4Moms mamaRoo:  The constant debate that went on in my head was "Do I need a swing? Do I need a chair? Do I need a bouncer? WHERE DO I PUT THE BABY?!" After much research (thanks google) and many trips to various baby stores, I decided I needed NONE OF THEM, I needed a mamaRoo.  The 4moms mamaRoo infant seat extraordinaire bounces up and down and sways from side to side, just like parents do when comforting their baby. You can select from five unique motions, like car ride and tree swing, and five different speeds.  (I watched THEM ALL in the store and they were pretty boss) You can also choose from four built-in sounds or connect it to any MP3 player. The seat reclines to multiple positions to allow baby to lie back and relax or sit up and play.Can they make one in adult size too? Because I think I need one.

8.SONY A6000 Camera: Ok, because who doesn't want/need 100000 photos of their new babies in these amazing gadgets? I found this camera to be super easy to get the hang of.  Its also LIGHT so you don't have to worry about juggling a 10lb baby and a 30lb camera with 100 lenses that also equal the weight of a newborn.  The image quality is pretty awesome and you can send your pics right to your phone to upload to instagram because, lets be real, you'll wanna show that cutie off.

What's on YOUR must have list? I still have 4 weeks to buy all the things I need (and don't need) for the baby, so get at me!




Transitioning to Fall is always a time I go into serious denial.  I wear my sandals with socks and dresses with sweaters over them and pretend its not getting colder, holding onto whatever I have left of warm weather.  These cute wolverine sandals and this dress from LEGOE are both awesome transition pieces that I'll be wearing all fall.  Nothing like a ruffle sock with a sandal to make you feel like Summer isnt quite over, am i right?

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when you love something so much - you get it in multiples and even other sizes for when you're growing (hehe) these ARTICLES OF SOCIETY overalls are that for me.  I now have them in two sizes - is it too crazy to get a 3rd?! they are perfectly distressed and loose (well now a little tight) and go with literally everything. I loved pairing them for this shoot with a structured collared shirt from AA (another fave of mine - buy multiple sizes for diff looks...you cant go wrong!)

glasses BONLOOK
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love tootrue

is it plaid, is it tartan? the never-ending debate it seems.  whatever you call it, i love it.  this matching 2 piece set from love tootrue is tops. while ive been loving wearing it as a set, i also love wearing each piece on its own - which i rarely do with 2 piece sets, but these trousers look good with EVERYTHING. extra win when you get 3 outfits for the price of one.  yep!


photos by ROON