Life Made Me Do It.

its so easy to blame circumstance for where you are in your life.  what you have or do not have. i have been acting for 15 years, and i am nowhere near where i thought i would be.  it has been a life of constant struggle, disappointment, heartbreaks laced with moments of extreme pride and joy.  there is no feeling like getting a job after working hard for it for so long. and that makes it all worth it.  they make the struggle sweeter and the successes even better.  it has taken me a long time to get to where i am today, and i still get really low, and i still have a hard time with the constant daily rejection, but eventually i stopped looking for the light.  i decided to become it instead.

shoes HM
shorts TOPSHOP




a summer staple for me is a cute bralette. it literally goes with everything and looks amazing on.  when i saw this caged bralette from elsie & fred i knew it had to be mine.  i had been lusting over anything and everything caged since last summer and i had yet to acquire a piece for my wardrobe.  now i am totally hooked! i have a feeling i will be over-wearing this one, for sure!

caged bralette ELSIE & FRED
shorts HM
shoes FOREVER 21

photos by ROON


parental advisory

in the acting world i get told more often than not that i am 'too edgy'. i always have to change my looks for certain auditions and blend in with everyone else.  but what fun is that? i love to stand out, and express myself through my clothing, body, hair etc. one of the things i love most about modeling is that i can be who i am, i can be edgy, i can be crazy and i have freedom to be whoever i want to be.  so naturally when i got this bag from my favorites, street level, i had to play it up completely.  

shoes FOREVER 21
skirt HM
crop top UNIF

photos by ROON


lack of color

i have always admired people who could pull off hats. i was never one of those people.  i thought my bangs looks smushed and i just didn't think i could ever pull it off.  fast forward to last month.  i met a lovely girl from london, zoe, who had a signature hat look i just envied beyond belief. we had a lovely lunch and i came home and immediately ordered my first hat.  i am now hooked. in my newfound hat obsession i came across lack of color, an amazing hat shop, with insane variety and they even sell hat fillers to make sure each hat fits snugly and perfectly. (thanks to my new hat filler, my hat stayed secure while shooting on this windy rooftop in nyc!)



rose colored lenses

to see things through rose colored lenses means to view life positively.  seeing peoples good points; to see everything in a favorable and pleasant light. to have optimism. this is something i struggle with.  i tend to always view the glass half empty rather than full.  i am always pulling the worst out of situations rather than focusing on all the good in my life.  its something i am actively working on everyday.  i want to be happy, i want to be positive and content and grateful for all that i have been given. i want to look at life with a positive attitude, instead of focusing on things i cannot control.  it is a hard journey, but one i am not giving up on.  but for now, i will don my rose-tinted sunnies (these from quay australia) and continue on my journey.

sunnies QUAY

photos by WES TARCA


stompin ground

winter spring summer or fall, my wardrobe pretty much stays the same. i mean seriously.  i wear boots all year long. i dont care if it is 95 degrees out, ill still wear boots and ill probably have a flannel in my bag, too.  i love the heat, and there are few things worse than being cold.  i will say, however, that most of my boot are the same.  some shade of black, with some variation in the heel or laces or buckles.  until now.  i have been dying for a pair of printed boots and tuk had just the ones for me, i loved pairing them with a mesh mini. the perfect combo.

boots TUK
dress UNIF

photos by Kayla Sloan



one thing that really irks me about social media (even though i am super addicted) is the constant bashing and judging and putting people down.  a comment that i get often is "girl eat a cheeseburger" and im like...ok? just did...? little do they know, i eat, A LOT. and work hard to keep myself and my body healthy, so why make a snide comment like 'eat a cheeseburger" when you do not know my situation, or my life (or my actual obsession with cheeseburgers)

when i saw this crop top by zara terez i knew immediately that i just needed it in my life.  because for one, it has a million cheeseburgers all over it.  i urge you, though, next time you are perusing your social media feeds, and you have the the urge to leave a comment, that may not be all that nice, please hold yourself back, because something small you say to someone could stick with them for a lifetime. we are not strong, we are molded by things people say to us, criticisms we receive, be kind, always.


crop top ZARA TEREZ
skirt HM
jellies JUJU

photos by ASHLEY


free people x montauk

i had the opportunity last week to shoot for free people - we shot some pieces from their vintage loves collection and styled them with new pieces.  we spent the day in a free people dream home on the water in montauk and finished the day with a lobster feast and roasted marshmallows.  it was such a lovely escape for the day. i came home smelling like the beach, with a face full of fresh freckles. it was a good day. keep your eyes peeled for photos on free people's blog


clothing FREE PEOPLE

photos of me by JAG LEVER
all other photos by me.