Down is What's Up! Downtown NYC

DOWNTOWN NYC is what's up! (At least it is now, that's for sure.)

I moved to Manhattan in 2002 right after 9/11.  I settled into the dorms at Pace University (where I was going to school for Musical Theatre) and spent 4 years downtown.  Back then, Downtown NYC was almost a ghost-town.  I remember moving in, just a couple blocks away from the remains of the World Trade Center.  I remember thinking 'where in the world am I and what happened to the city I was SO obsessed with'.  Back then, when I would walk home from class, I would rarely even see someone on the street, and forget about finding a bar or restaurant to chill in. It just didn't exist.  Today, Downtown Manhattan is home to over 61.000 residents which is TRIPLE the population from when I lived there!  

Fast forward to now - it's 2018, my family and I moved to Los Angeles (after living in midtown manhattan for many years) and I have to admit, I rarely thought back to those times living downtown.  This month, we headed back to NYC for a little trip and decided to stay Downtown, because embarrassingly enough, all those years of living in Midtown, I made it back downtown only once or twice.  I was curious to see what it would be like to re-visit my old stomping grounds.

We checked into the Millenium Hilton New York Downtown , right across from One World Trade.  OMG. THE  FEELS.  Walking up to the door, I could see the reflection of the freedom tower behind me and I instantly felt so much excitement to explore.  The room was H U G E. Admittedly, bigger than some of my NYC apartments, and the view was breathtaking. Out of the bedroom window, the Freedom Tower and the beautiful memorial were RIGHT there.  I could also see each reflection pool - the reflection pools have the names of all of the victims of the 9/11 and 1993 attacks.  Little known fact - the names are in relational order to how they knew each other.  Brothers near brothers. Fathers by their sons. Co-workers together.  Isn't that amazing?

Each window had a new view of the amazing downtown skyline.  Poppy was mesmerized! She loved sitting by the windows and looking at all the lights.  Although she was born in NYC, she had never been Downtown. (Subways with a newborn baby?! no way!)

Our three days in Downtown NYC was NOWHERE near enough, but we jam packed it with some awesome eats, sights and memories.  There are about 525 restaurants and bars in Downtown NYC so quite a variety to choose from.  From Michelin-starred restaurants to bars like the Dead Rabbit and Blacktail (that win cocktail awards left and right) to some faves of mine - Eataly (Grabbed lunch almost everyday here I'm addicted, what can I say?), Le District, PARM (We got the most EPIC chicken parm heros from here OMG!) - Had DELICIOUS pizza - because NYC - and of course the options are just SO GOOD.  

Downtown NYC has definitely changed SO much since I lived here.  There is such a creative & visual vibe down here now.  The Oculus is an architecturally and visually amazing sight. Fulton street station looks like a futuristic hub.  The BEST views in all of NYC can be seen from the Observatory at One World Trade.  And Shopping? UM AMAZING STORES EVERYWHERE YOU TURN! Some of my fave spots to shop at were RIGHT outside the hotel - ZARA, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and then of course Century 21.  

There is SO much heart in the resurgence of the neighborhood.  I am so glad that my little family and I could explore a bit and take in some of the many beautiful things Downtown NYC has to offer.  We are already planning our next trip back! Until next time, NYC! xxxxx


film in NYC

One of our favorite things to do when we lived in NYC was go for walks around the neighborhood and shoot film shots.  NYC just looks better on film, doesn't it?  We would wake up and get coffee from our favorite coffee shop and then walk around exploring our neighborhood.  It is one of my favorite memories from Poppy's first few months of life.  I don't miss NYC - but I definitely miss the days when Poppy would hangout in the stroller for a good hour or two for a nice stroll =)

backpack FAWN DESIGN


up on the roof

When this old world starts a getting me down
And people are just too much for me to face
I'll climb way up to the top of the stairs
And all my cares just drift right into space
On the roof, it's peaceful as can be
And there the world below can't bother me
When I come home feeling tired and beat
I'll go up where the air is fresh and sweet
I'll get away from the hustling crowd
That would and all that rat-race noise down in the street
On the roof, the only place I know
Where you just have to wish to make it so
Right smack dab in the middle of town
I found a paradise that's troubleproof
And if this world starts getting you down
There's room enough for two up on the roof
Up on the roof

top UNIF
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I remember back to school shopping when I was in high school, and I was always so disappointed when the latest trends didn't fit me right, or I couldn't find things that fit me at all.  One year, while my baby sister was napping, I stole her bedsheets and made a skirt (i thought this skirt was H O T) I cut a waistband off a pair of jeans and sewed it (poorly) on to the sheet and wore it to school.  It fell apart during the day and I had to wear my gym clothes from my gym locker for the rest of the day. That was the beginning and end of my designing career.  Until Designow came along.

Designow and I spent months working together bringing my vision to life.  I came in with a terrible sketch but big ideas.  We worked together picking fabrics, editing designs, altering fits until my overalls came to life.

Want a pair of your own? You can buy 'em here!

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YTF Hair Extensions

Since having Poppy, I have been really self-concious about my looks.  I haven't been able to go and get my hair cut or colored because I can't leave Poppy (she doesn't take a bottle) and my body looks and feels like something foreign to me.  I decided I had to do something for myself to feel a  little better about my looks and thats where YTF Hair Extensions come in!  For some reason, adding 18 inches of hair to my head gave me the boost of confidence I needed.  I'm feeling like a total mermaid. If you are lookin' to change up your 'do - totally checkout YTF Hair Extensions and let them give you the most awesome hair!

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