im one of those people who never has their headphones on, the little earbud things that come with your iphone are, to me, the most ANNOYING thing you could ever wear.  they hurt my ears so badly and always fall out, i mean WHAT IS THE POINT?! all that changed with these minkpink x skullcandy chic shit headphones, they are SO COMFY and now I can listen to all the music i missed out on by boycotting those little ear buds.  paired with my faux fur baby from CHASER and some rad FARYL ROBIN boots, this look kept me cool (and warm) all day!

jacket CHASER



miss alissa x asos

For this look I partnered with ASOS to pick out my best PARTY LOOK. While I love dresses, i do NOT love the winter, so i was looking for something that would be warmer while still looking super chic. And thats when I found this metallic suit. It is perfectly fitted and pretty much the ultimate party outfit. It can be dressed up or down, depending on the mood of the party and keeps my legs and arms warm without looking like im bundled like an eskimo. I have become so obsessed with suits lately, so this find made me SUPER happy! I can’t wait to wear it all winter.


all the fuzzy things

if there is one thing i love more than fuzzy things, its ROMPERS. i dont know how many times ive talked about my love for all things ONE PIECE. but this KORAL ACTIVEWEAR romper takes it to the next level.  IT LOOKS LIKE IM DRAPED IN LEATHER. its so shiny and soft and stretchy and perfect and i just had to pair it with this faux fur from BOOHOO. Pretty much my FAVE combo!

shoes TUK
necklace SHY WILDER




i am a collection of dismantled 'almosts'

im in an industry where looks pretty much mean everything.  i am told everyday im 'almost' pretty enough. 'almost' good enough. i have been up for some of the biggest roles in TV and broadway, just to not get it, and be told well, you 'almost' made it.  i 'almost' got to be a star. i 'almost' attained all the success i ever dreamed of. ive been told im too skinny and in the same day told to suck in my 'stomach'. ive been told 'you are prettier in your picture' i have been told 'i dont think you will make it'.  

a few years ago this probably would have killed me.
but i have learned that sometimes because you 'almost' get something, you definitely get something better in return. i have learned to let comments and negativity roll off my shoulders and ive learned to laugh at my flaws and embrace my insecurities.  ive learned who i am, what i want to be, what i want my life to look like.  im so so far from perfect - not even 'almost' there.  but im learning, and most of all, living.

sweater STYLE MOI

photos by TORY RUST


white crow

playing on the highline in my fave boots from FARYL ROBIN paired with my new white crow sweater, didnt matter that it was freezing, all that mattered was i was in NYC wandering around my favorite areas.  thats the one thing about NYC, though. i have lived here my whole life and i still never get tired of walking the streets, taking the long way home, you always discover new places, new things you havent seen before.

sweater WHITE CROW
skirt ZARA



and when it gets this cold, all you wanna do is stay in bed and turn the heat up and wear no pants (and eat all the snacks) i love oversized sweatshirts like this one from BATOKO. the fun print is an added bonus and the inside is just so cozy!




its all clear

and when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
what they don't tell you though, is sometimes those things change, and sometimes you get things you didnt even know you wanted. you grow and your priorities shift, the things you want(ed) may not seem as important and new things fall into place, the way they should.  
the universe knows what you need.

raincoat by BOOHOO
top HM
pants FOREVER 21

photos by GERMAN ROQUE