streetlevel bags

some girls are shoe girls, some are clothing girls and some are bag girls...i am...all of them. who am i kidding, all articles of clothing are created equal in my eyes. but i do love bags. when i stumbled upon streetlevel bags i almost died. my face literally looked like that emoji that has the heart eyes, you know what i am talking about! being an actor living in nyc means you need to carry around your entire life with you at all times; headshots, outfit changes, snacks, juice, a mini straightener, i mean, everything. so when i saw this delicious tote from streetlevel i just had to have it. it is so huge (without being overly heavy) and looks good with everything.  my other bags are getting severe owner envy because this is my new go to. 

pants HM
leather jacket HM
sweater UNIF

photos by ROONCHILD

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