jump from paper

about 2 years ago my friend jarret sent me a link to this site that sold purses that looked like they were nothing but drawings.  they did not look real, i mean it was a total trip.  he wanted my advice as he was getting it for his sister for her birthday.  i could hardly provide adequate feedback as i was literally unable to comprehend how this bag was real.  it looked like a bright colored marker drawing drawn on top of the photos! i sat there and wondered how these were real, IF they were real, for hours. 

fast forward two years later.  i got my first bag from jump from paper, and i can assure you, THEY ARE REAL, AND THEY'RE SPECTACULAR.  ( extra points to anyone who gets that reference )  

dress UNIF

photos by ERIC MOONEY

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Jenn said...

Obsessed with the bag. So much so that I ordered one.