until you know me

dont talk about me until you have talked to me.  dont underestimate me until you challenge me, dont judge me until you know me.  i feel like especially with social media these days, there is an abnormally high amount of judging, bashing and hatred.  it seems like everyday i hear some new rumor about me, or hear someone else talking bad about me, or someone not allowing someone else to talk to me.  to me, this makes no sense whatsoever.  its like, you dont know me or my intentions so why automatically think the worst of me? i have to admit, i am not totally off the hook here, either.  recently, i got to meet someone i had only heard bad things about, and i had never met this person, so i believed them and i had no desire to meet this person at all - and then our paths crossed - and i was so pleasantly surprised by how wonderful they were.  it just goes to show you, you have no business judging anyone. people may actually surprise you.


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