travel bug

i have always lived my life as if one thing and one thing only was important. my 'career', if you can even call it that.  i would book plane tickets and then get an audition and cancel the trip. everything came second to the slight chance that this next audition would be my big break.  30 years later, what do i have to show for it? besides insane perseverance, almost nothing.  i have never seen the world, i have put my priorities in the strangest order and i am now learning that i cannot control what happens to me in my career, but i can control how i live my life and feel fulfilled.  we took a trip to some southern Caribbean islands and it was incredible. i saw so many places and had so many experiences i never would have otherwise sitting home scared to miss a phone call.  sometimes you just have to live your life and hope that everything falls into place the way its supposed to.

shoes ADIDAS
shorts ZARA

photos by ROON

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