it was christmas, 1989. i was praying everynight that santa would bring me a nintendo.  i wanted it SO BADLY.  it was all i could think about.  christmas morning came and went, and no nintendo.  i was devastated.  later that day, the nintendo appeared under the tree.  it was all a trick. i got the nintendo.  and thats when it all started.  i became so addicted to super mario, i played it everyday.  i beat super mario 1, 2, 3, lost levels. i couldn't stop.  i still can't.  super mario still is one of my favorite things to play.  i still have my nintendo, my gameboy, my super NES, my nintendo 64 and now my wii where i can play mario all the time.  so naturally when i came across SOULBOUND NYC - a JEWELRY line for gamers, i was FREAKING OUT. i met kelly at a RAW showcase where up and coming artists get to feature their work, i saw her stand and immediately bought a ring with a super mario head on it.  COULD IT GET ANY BETTER?! I now have 5 necklaces with ALL my favorite Super Mario characters on them. they are the perfect accessory for a crazed super mario fan like myself.  [in these photos i am wearing the 'it's a me' pendant (mario) and the 'dino steed' pendant (yoshi)]

bra UNIF

photos by ROON

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