focus on the amazing, and change.
be thankful for the things you have. i recently sat down in a business meeting and we began talking about ways to grow, both individually and in a business sense.  she was telling me she had a sign on her door that said, 'today i am thankful for..." and she challenged herself everyday to write something down, even on her worst days.  i think this is such an important thing to remember.  no matter how bad things may be, how sorry you may feel for yourself, always think of something you are thankful for, regardless of size. it doesn't have to be something huge, just something to keep you going.  i feel like it has made such an impact on my life to focus on the small things that we a lot of the time take for granted, and be thankful for them. let me know how it goes for you! xxx

bracelets SPARKLES&POP
dress UNIF
shoes TUK

photos by ERIKA WASKO

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