about Fall...

the only good thing about Fall is wearing ripped jeans without sweating through them, and oversized denim jackets.  I can live with weather dipping into the 60s for these reasons, but please do not drop below that.  i can't handle another winter like last!  It is like clockwork, every winter, about January/February i get SUPER sick, and i stay sick until spring.  EVERY YEAR. anyone else hate the cold as much as me? how do you push through it? help me!

jewlery VITALITY
shoes TUK


Unknown said...

Rad looks! 👌 Love the menswear shoe & simpley stated trend on over sized jacket. Brava

Mariana Gemelgo said...

Of course I am with YOU! I hate Winter, sorry for those who love it but I really can't stand it! Fall, at least here in Lisbon, is that kind of season when we never know what to dress. Today around here is about 30 degrees celcius!
I wish I could help you my friend <3 but at least I understand you!