Having a toddler means ALWAYS being prepared with exciting things to keep them occupied, interested in, excited about.  This BABBLEBOXX was such a fun treat. Not only was it filled with amazing goodies for endless playtime, but Poppy also had so much fun opening the box and digging out each surprise one by one!

Lets dig into the box and explore these goodies, shall we?

SNAZAROO Brush Pens Face Paint

These face paints are PERFECT for toddlers. Besides being water based, fragrance free and super gentle on the skin, they are also SO easy to use (especially for someone like me who has ZERO artistic skills!)  They feature a twist action design (kind of like concealer pens!) and the paint gets distributed to the tip so you can paint with precision and NO MESS. Total win!  Poppy loves putting stickers on her face, so she wanted small designs painted on her face, like little stars and hearts.  Super easy to do with this brush pen and gentle on her sensitive skin.  We love all the different colors and at $9.99 a pack, they're an inexpensive fun way to spend the day! Pick some up at Snazaroo.com.

Dinosaurs Living In My Hair (Jayne M. Rose-Vallee Books)

Poppy LOVES to read, so we were so excited about these books.  DLIMH is a series of (award winning) books told in rhyme.  We love them because of their topics such as acceptance and bullying which inspire some great teaching moments for me. Poppy of course loved the zany characters and beautiful illustrations!

Get yours at dinosaurslivinginmyhair.com/ and use code FREESHIP for free shipping!

PEZ Jurassic World Collection

PEZ has always been one of my favorite candies!  I used to love collecting the dispensers and trying all of the flavors, so I was super excited about this addition to the box! PEZ is launching this awesome Jurassic World collection featuring three new dispensers: T-Rex, Blue the Raptor and Dilophosaurus.  Poppy couldn't take her eyes off the T-Rex (which was her favorite!)
You can find out more about the collection here.

SPROUT Crispy Chews

Snacks are a big favorite around here and unfortunately it's not always easy to find healthy choices.  We are obsessed with SPROUT's organic healthy plant powered snacks for toddlers.  Orchard fruit & Carrot, and Red Fruit Beet & Berry crispy chews are SUPER yummy.  They are crispy whole grain rice blended with fruits and veggies and taste oh so good!  Poppy powered through the Red Fruit Beet & Berry SO fast.  I think that was her fave!  Grab your own here and get 25% off crispy chews with code 25CRISPYCHEW (Thank me later YUM!)

ZENNI Optical Kids Flexible Glasses

Ok, I don't know if it's just me but Poppy is OBSESSED with glasses.  Anyone else's toddler just obsessed?  Anytime I wear mine, she pulls them off. Runs away with them (and yep ultimately breaks them haha) So we were SUPER stoked to get to try Zenni Opticals flexible frames kid's glasses.  Needless to say, Poppy was SO excited to get to have her own pair of glasses that she could be seriously rough with and not break them!

Learn more about Zenni Optical and their kids flexible glasses here.

We had so much fun opening and playing with our BABBLEBOXX! So many fun things to play with and enjoy.

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx.com

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