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Becoming a mom 2.5 years ago was never my plan. In fact, I never even knew I wanted to be a mom. Before Poppy, my life was centered around my career. I did not want to do anything to veer away from what I had been working my whole life to achieve. Then one day, I just wanted a baby. Seemingly out of nowhere. It was as if Poppy was supposed to be mine all along and was just begging to be born. So, we got pregnant and in October of 2016 I had Poppy and my life changed. Mom life is everything and nothing I thought it would be. It is the hardest yet most incredible role I have ever played.

That being said, it is also the most important role. I have to make sure that I am constantly at my best (mentally and physically) so that Poppy can thrive. Aura Cacia helps me to elevate each day so I can focus on being the very best for my Poppy. I love relaxing after a (very) long day by diffusing oils in my diffuser. And I live for mid-day pick me ups by rolling some peppermint or eucalyptus on my wrists and neck.

Let's face it, being a full time mom is hard work. Me time is extremely limited and when I do find a moment to "relax" it is usually filled with getting everything done that I haven't been able to do. I have found that diffusing oils in our diffuser can really help calm and relax me after a long day. I put it right next to the bed so the room gets filled with the delicious scents.

To be completely transparent, I was totally in the dark when it came to oils. I did not know anything at all, but I was eager to try. The Discover kits are great for new users like me who may not be sure what they like or want to try a bunch of different oils.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, take the opportunity to give the Moms in your life something awesome because THEY are awesome!

Check out my gift guide on the MOMS WE LOVE page on the Aura Cacia website and pickup some treats for the mommas in your life (or some goodies for yourself too!!)

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Jos Keny said...

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