new york city

||new york city. it'll rob you and cheat you. it'll kick your ass and break your heart. but then it'll pick you up again, make you feel so totally alive and untouchable. it's the center of the world, it's the best place in the world, and once it's in your heart, it'll never leave you.||

i have been struggling lately with my career - a starving artist is quite possibly the hardest job in the world. the constant rejection. going from day to day not knowing when your next job will be. it is so far from the glamorous life people think i lead. and it is constantly breaking my heart, but in the end, i still love new york city. it is my home. always has been. when i leave it, i crave it. i can walk the streets for hours just admiring the absolute beauty that stands before me. there is no place else i could ever call home.

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