tutus are always the answer

i have a habit of obsessing over an article of clothing and it invades my mind until i finally just buy it. and then usually it sits in my closet because i either 1. have no event to wear it to, or 2. im too scared to ruin it.  this is exactly what happened when i saw the UNIF chloe dress back in october. i cried and i stared it for days and days and then finally i bit the bullet and bought it.  7 months later it was still in my closet, unworn, because when do you properly wear an all white tutu dress? easter. easter was my big reveal for the tutu dress, because tutus are always the answer.

dress UNIF

photos by ashley unicorn

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Jen DeRosa said...

Yes! Easter! Such a good idea!!!! I would never have thought of that.