i LOVE clothes. but i usually fall in love with a specific piece and 'overwear' it like crazy.  usually, i will splurge on an overwear piece.  recently it has been my UNIF twerk jeans.  anytime i get a styling piece sent to me to style and shoot, I'm like, this would look AMAZING with my twerk jeans! someone even commented on my instagram page and said 'wow you are really getting good use out of those jeans, huh?' and at first i was so mad! and then i was like, actually yeah i am. i spent a lot of money on them and i will wear them all i want! 

i love pairing them with dainty girly bralettes and crops, like this awesome one from i wear sin.  there is something about pairing baggy boyfriend jeans with a girly top that i just LOVE. ill be overwearing this combo all season. sorry bout it!

bralette IWEARSIN
jeans UNIF

photos by Aaron Cheeseman

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