camo club

every year i get so excited to see what the new fall trends are going to be. last year when the camo trend was making its 90's comeback, i was not impressed.  i remember my sister saying she wanted a camo jacket and i was like, eh i'm not on board this one.  fast forward to a month later, my closet consisted of camo wedge sneakers, camo skinnies, camo vests, camo tee's everything except the coveted camo jacket that now i NEEDED to have. not only was i now totally on board for the camo trend, i was basically obsessed.  i had searched far and wide and never did get that camo jacket i wanted so badly.  until now. i came across the most perfect, fitted (not too oversized), vintage camo jacket from lotus vintage.  i may be a year late, but i now own the perfect camo piece.


photos by ROON

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