two pieces are better than one.

i really have a thing for two piece sets.  the broken romper, i like to call it.  its just so easy to put together an outfit that is one piece or two pieces that match. #amiright? i have so much clothes and i can never figure out how to properly put together something that looks good. when the two pieces match and come already put together, its like, simple outfit - done! 

two piece set ELSIE & FRED

photos by KAYLA SLOAN

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Sonji said...

I've just find out you've also a blog! Find your pics so inspiring (I like most of them on IG) and love the way you also spot on NYC. I can't wait to be there next month!
Great job Alissa!! Keep on doing it! ;)

miss alissa said...

Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate that!!