bag lady no more.

living in nyc and being a full time actress/model/blogger/social media manager/assistant etc (yes i have 10000 jobs) can be tiresome. sometimes i leave my apartment in the morning and dont get to come home for 12-13 hours. i need to sometimes carry around multiple headshots/resumes, ipad, laptop, clothing options for auditions, snacks, COFFEE, iphone chargers, etc - admit it, carrying 2-3 bags and a backpack is never chic.  then i found out about this bag company called Dagne Dover. you will never believe what this chic beauty can hold.  the interior has a strap i can attach my keys to, a COFFEE HOLDER (yes its real) a ipad sleeve, a laptop sleeve, a cell sleeve and still an exorbitant amount of room for all my snacks and other necessities for the day. it has literally changed my life!  i no longer resemble a crazy bag lady. and its pretty sweet.

shoes TUK
jeans UNIF


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