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As an actress, I always have to stick to consistency - I've always been blonde because that's what my agents tell me to do, and that's what works for me in my career. I've found a little workaround - my agency closes from around 12/19 til 1/5 each year for the holidays and I use that time to go a little crazy.  I went a beautiful shade of pink and it was glorious (many posts to come with that color!!)  but when that time was over i had to go back to blonde and where better to do it than at my favorite ARROJO NYC.  they paired me up with the cutest colorist ever, eve, and we hit it off right away. Not only is she a hair GENIUS but she also shares my love of chihuahuas. (Perfection) 

I showed up looking like....THIS and she was so ready to tackle this mess.  We started off with all over foils to get some highlights and cover my growth.  She used Goldwell hair color - silklift lightener. She then used arrojos clarifying shampoo to literally wash away the remaining pink.  After that she did an amazing glaze ( Goldwell colorance Demi permanent color) on my root to tone down the brightness and add the golden beige root shadow and achieve the most insanely perfect blonde I've ever had.  The thing that makes their lightener SO unique is that they add Goldwell Intralipid Serium to it - (in english: your hair gets REPAIRED while lightening instead of damaged!) 

Usually when I go back to blonde from pink I spiral into a deep depression over looking basic - but this time was different. Eve was able to transform my hair into a beautiful blonde that is so far from basic.

If you're looking to get pampered but not necessarily ready to get some amazing color by eve or a sick cut by Corrin check out arrojos NEWEST service ReFINISH & ReFRESH - it's a quick and easy way to get a transformation without the commitment! It's a 15 minute appointment - what could be better than that?! Check out the deets here and lemme know if you book, cuz I love to gush about these products. You'll be addicted!


hair color by EVE

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