good hair day

so, as you know i had my little depop event with the beauty I HATE BLONDE and of course for the event i had to get my hairs did all pretty by the best of the best, corrinn at arrojo.  my bangs had grown like WEEDS since the last time she cut them and lets be real, i needed a wash.

she started out washing my crazy hair and then gave me the best blowout ever as always.  the best part is, she really gives you the lowdown as she goes, teaching me how to achieve such rad results on my own at home.  ARROJO actually offers blowdry LESSONS.  yes, you can book time and actually LEARN yourself how to achieve the ultimate blowout.  Book yours here.

after the blowout, she cut my bangs back to the perfect length and shape.  i mean she really is a GENIUS.  she cuts them in a way that is impossible for me to mess them up while styling.  any way they fall, they look PERFECT. 

Final hair for the event! Photo by ROON

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