peace out HAIRS!

ok, so everyone pretty much knows by now that i LIVE for a good weave.  i can't stand the way i look without it, and constantly get called, or call myself, GARTH.  i know i know.  My hair DOES NOT GROW. and its SO THIN and disgusting.  my hair goddess CORRINN (at Arrojo NYC) sent me some photos of a short little cute cute and said...we should do this.  finally i was like, you know what, lets just do it. (lets be real i fully expected to just cut it and throw my trusty weave back in.) SO, i get to ARROJO and we do it...we cut it off. and i was like...wait i actually LOVE this! This was 2 weeks ago now and i have not put my weave back in yet. my hair feels HEALTHY and lets be honest it feels AMAZING to not worry about an itchy painful weave! check out our little journey! (cut by CORRINN and color by EVE - both at ARROJO NYC - go see them! and be sure to tell them I sent you!)

cut by CORRINN
color by EVE

end photos by ROON

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