as you know - after our little cruise in march i got the travel bug. bad. i just cant seem to understand what prevented me from seeing the world.  over memorial day weekend we decided to take a little mini trip.  we decided on boston - close enough for a weekend getaway and somewhere weve always wanted to check out.  we stayed at HOTEL NINE ZERO which was the cutest place EVER.  between FREE wine in the lobby and fruit infused water available at all times, this place was beyond rad.  we had floor to ceiling windows and the room was (almost) bigger than our NYC apartment. we had so much fun exploring all of boston - (i even shot my first sunrise). i dont think we missed a thing! 

we explored for three whole days. and it was glorious.  where should we go next? comment and give us some suggestions! 

photos by me
polaroids by ROON

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