chinese grocery

one time i went to china.
i was so scared, and nervous, but i was going there to perform and i was going to be with so many people. once i got there, i was still scared. 
we tried some authentic food on day 1, and i think they were messing with us, and gave us something far far from what we ordered. after that, i stuck with a healthy diet of mcdonalds sunbway and pizza hut. i left, grateful for the experience but, glad it was over.
i look back and realize i should have embraced it more, i should have tried more things, i shouldnt have been so scared.  now im dying to go back. 

this shoot was obviously not in china, but chinatown.
its so fun to explore the little markets and try things you have NO idea what they could be.
candy, drinks, foods,
its fun to explore the unknown.

i wish i had known that then.

photos by TORY RUST

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