i am a collection of dismantled 'almosts'

im in an industry where looks pretty much mean everything.  i am told everyday im 'almost' pretty enough. 'almost' good enough. i have been up for some of the biggest roles in TV and broadway, just to not get it, and be told well, you 'almost' made it.  i 'almost' got to be a star. i 'almost' attained all the success i ever dreamed of. ive been told im too skinny and in the same day told to suck in my 'stomach'. ive been told 'you are prettier in your picture' i have been told 'i dont think you will make it'.  

a few years ago this probably would have killed me.
but i have learned that sometimes because you 'almost' get something, you definitely get something better in return. i have learned to let comments and negativity roll off my shoulders and ive learned to laugh at my flaws and embrace my insecurities.  ive learned who i am, what i want to be, what i want my life to look like.  im so so far from perfect - not even 'almost' there.  but im learning, and most of all, living.

sweater STYLE MOI

photos by TORY RUST

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