Back at AJUNE!

I went back to AJUNE at SKIN MD NY for another amazing facial with Olga.  She is just THE BEST! this time we did an extreme clean facial dermaster, which had microdermabrasion, extractions a collagen mask and a nice little massage.  I always leave feeling SO refreshed. (and it doesn't hurt that the area looks SO springy right now!!)

Ajune Center for Beauty Synergy™ in New York City, where a team of nurses, pharmacists, and aestheticians offers clinical and aesthetic skin and body care. Ajune is a medically designed and directed resource center: All the programs, from facials and cellulite treatments to clinical skin rejuvenation and nutrition, are integrated in a supervised and controlled way. Total beauty in the twenty-first century calls for a scientific, as well as aesthetic approach. Dr. Romita has over 30 years’ experience in reconstructive & aesthetic plastic surgery that combines minimally invasive procedures with beauty maintenance.
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