whiskey dog

My cousin Emily is the creator of WHISKEYDOG WARES - Handmade clothing consciously built one piece at a time.  I remember a few years ago she sent me the CUTEST pinafore dress she made from fabric she found - and now she is creating a little empire all of her own.  She made me this velvet dress in black and red and my sister and I alternate who gets to play in which color.  Each piece is made with love and you can sure tell.  Its so fun to see women build these amazing businesses and watch them grow from day 1. I loved pairing this dress with my Faryl Robin for FREE PEOPLE boots - the black velvet in the shoe totally added to the look!

socks HUE


Unknown said...

Juts love your look!

I have also started blogging and would love to share such stuff with readers. The Look Book: Introductory Blog

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