no diapers no problem

When I found out I was pregnant, one of the FIRST things I sought out was a diaper bag.  I was NOT going to be that person carrying a hideous multicolored plastic feeling awful diaper bag I had seen in the past.  I knew there had to be something that I would actually use BEFORE the baby came, that would not even look like a diaper bag.   My search halted at FAWN DESIGN.  They have these AMAZING bags that can be worn as backpacks or messenger bags, that look like totally normal everyday bags. I mean clearly, i wear mine ALL THE TIME and i have no diapers in there yet, just my day to day (Which it fits EVERYTHING!) I'm so excited to have found the perfect diaper bag that makes me still feel, NORMAL. (which is hard these days with a big huge belly!)  Stay tuned for another post where I'll pack my Fawn Design bag for the hospital, EEEK!

shoes ADIDAS
shades ZERO UV

photos by ROON


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I don't want to carry a bag that looks like a diaper bag, too so I opted for a stylish one, like yours. I have a Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown diaper backpack and it looked fab! I was looking for something lightweight but sturdy. I'm pleased that it has six pockets and includes a changing pad, as well. It looks like a chic handbag and it's clever design makes it appealing, yet very functional. I'm glad that I've found this bag in one of the sites I've been to. Here's a list of their top picks for backpack diaper bag http://backpackingmastery.com/top-picks/best-backpack-diaper-bags.html

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