Pink Blush

The problem with being a blogger and being pregnant is the transition.  You go from being one size, and wearing whatever you want - to slowly not being able to fit into ANYTHING you own and the frustration is BEYOND.  One of my friends, Olivia, just had her baby, so shes about 3 months ahead of me, and her style is unreal, so of course i watched her style journey VERY closely.  She posted these pics in awesome clothes and I was like, wait these are MATERNITY? So I checked out the brand and discovered the amazing PINK BLUSH MATERNITY!  They bring the latest trends to mamas to be so we don't have to skip a beat in our fashion day to day life. Not only that, this dress I got can totally continue to be worn once im no longer preggo - so DOUBLE WIN!

I loved my dress SO MUCH that I have partnered with them to give away a $75 gift card to one of my followers! Head over to my INSTAGRAM to enter!

photos by INGRID

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