"the worst thing that being an artist could do to you 
would be that it would make you slightly unhappy, constantly."

i really relate with that quote. as an artist, i always feel inadequate, or feel like i'm not doing enough, or not far enough along, or not measuring up. sometimes i blame this industry for making me feel that way.  sometimes i blame agents who have dropped me without giving me a fair shot, or casting directors that promise me the world and never follow through.

but the only person i can really blame for the constant cloud of unhappiness that follows me is myself.  i have been learning not to judge myself based on my accomplishments.  not to judge my worth or lack there of based on if i booked a good job or not, or if i didn't get a job i was working so hard to get.  you have to be happy with yourself, because this industry is not guaranteed.

its not like, the harder i work, i will eventually move up. unfortunately thats not how this life works.  

and i'm learning to be ok with that.

two piece set I LOVE SHOWPO

photos by SVETLANA

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