San Diego - The U.S. Grant Hotel

When we were planning our trip to San Diego, I was VERY set on staying in the downtown area.  I am from New York, and I just really wanted that city vibe. When we decided on the U.S. Grant, I thought, this is just PERFECT.  From the photos and maps I was looking up I could see it was right in the heart of the city and had palm trees outside, that was PERFECT to me. CITY AND PALM TREES?! Does it get any better?! We arrived at the U.S. Grant and it looked even more beautiful in person!

From the moment you step inside, you can tell this hotel is rich in history, which it sure is! Built in 1910, this is truly a historic site in the middle of the wonderful Gaslamp Quarter of Downtown San Diego.

We got into our INCREDIBLE room, to which upon entering I exclaimed "THIS BATHROOM IS BIGGER THAN OUR ENTIRE NYC APARTMENT!" Which wasn't too far exaggerated by any means! I immediately tested out the bed, which was HUGE and SO COMFY.  Another really cool thing was the unique artwork above each bed. (more to come on that!)

Downtown San Diego was such a beautiful place to explore.  It gave me the NYC vibes I was hoping for, mixed with rich history, culture and of course, PALM TREES.

Aside from the incredible room, I think our favorite part of the U.S. Grant Hotel was the GRANT GRILL, the restaurant inside the hotel.

Pictured here is the BEST Manhattan EVER. No joke. Their whiskey is aged in oak barrels for 100 days - it was simply BEYOND!  We started with some drinks, and then went on to have the most delicious meal we have ever had!

The bread was absolutely to die for, in fact we were told entire blogs are written just about this amazing bread.  It took EVERYTHING I had to not eat the entire thing. We got the scallops (SO GOOD!) and the duck (YUMMMY!) Everything was absolute perfection.  I wanted everything on the menu, of course, but we will just have to make it back here again...and again...and again...

On our last night at the U.S. Grant, we decided to just relax in our amazing room after dinner - we were treated to some chocolate covered strawberries and some coloring books (WHICH ARE MY FAVORITE) showcasing the unique art that is above each bed at the Grant.  All with colored pencils to create colorful relaxing magic before bed.

We had the most incredible weekend at The U.S. Grant Hotel, we fell in LOVE with Downtown San Diego and had the most incredible time relaxing in our amazing room, exploring the city and creating memories that will last a lifetime!

We are anxiously awaiting another San Diego trip, and hope that we can return to SO SOON.  If you are traveling to San Diego, we HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend staying at the U.S Grant, and having a meal at the Grant Grill.  We promise, you will thank us!


Ria Michelle said...

Looks amazing. Gotta add it to the list.

miss alissa said...

You must! it was incredible!!!!