The Pearl Hotel - San Diego

We arrived at The Pearl Hotel in San Diego, and immediately thought, OMG - this is the cutest little place! It looked like it was right out of a 70's movie set.  When you walk in, you're immediately walking through this awesome open air bar, which overlooks a pool, complete with a huge swan floatie. UM YES?! Unfortunately it wasn't quite warm enough to go for a dip, but we will just have to go back when it is!

We got to our room which was right off the pool, and it was so cute, we had our own little private patio which was the highlight for me!

We decided to stay at the hotel for dinner, which was a great idea. They play MOVIES. OUTSIDE. while you are eating overlooking the pool.  They call it a DIVE IN; get it?! I mean, it was just AWESOME.

Being from New York, I had never experienced anything like this! it was SO retro, and we were just totally diggin' the vibes all around.   We both ordered the Gnocchi, which was SO good, we devoured it before I could remember to take a photo. oops! But following the Gnocci, we ordered the Pearl Beignets which came piping hot and covered in powdered sugar complete with melted chocolate to dip in.  It was THE perfect snack since it was chilly out, they totally warmed me up. and damn, they were GOOD.

The next morning we decided to check out the Groove Brunch, (yeah I know, dinner AND brunch at the hotel, I mean, it was THAT good we just didn't wanna leave! We got to sit by the pool and enjoy amazing views and food before checking out.  I had some epic granola & fresh fruit (which by the way, since returning to New York, NO FRUIT tastes good anymore, California fruit is in a league of its own!)

After that we had to check out, boo hoo, but they give you a link of all their fave spots around town to check out, so thats exactly what we did!  We explored around Point Loma, a bit first.  We loved the hills and the little homes and the harbor, and of course the view of the city skyline!

Then we headed over to Cabrillo National Monument to check out the views and tide pools. It was absolutely amazing.  I have never seen anything like this place.  It was truly paradise!

Well guys, its official.  I'm in love. With a City. Called San Diego.  I left kicking and screaming, and already dying to come back.  Til next time, my love!

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